Panasonic Plasma TV VS Samsung LED TV


The Plasma/LED rivalry is one of legend. I believe its tales go all the way back to the ancient times…when dinosaurs roamed Earth. Before Wi-Fi and smartphones!

Jokes aside, Panasonic and Samsung are known for selling some high-end, high-quality TVs, and I’m here to see which one deserves your attention. Will it be the Panasonic Plasma screen or the Samsung LED TV?

They’ve both got Smart TV, 3D capabilities, and more than 50” of glorious display, so this won’t be as easy as you think!

LED TVs never go easy on the aesthetics with their provocative slim screens, and the Samsung Smart TV maintains their strong reputation. Its stand is so low and thin that the Samsung leaves the illusion that it’s not even there.

The Panasonic Plasma TV is an intimidating beast to be sure, with its monster size, but its overall design doesn’t impress as much by way of intrigue.

Both TVs make good use of the Smart TV title, with the Panasonic TX-P60ZT65B’s incorporations of YouTube, Skype, and searching the Internet are some of the best I’ve seen. The Samsung isn’t quite so Internet-immersed, but it does feature S-Recommendation and voice/hand gestures as commands for navigating.

Putting the two models at opposite sides, though, the Samsung is a little more feature-heavy. Its high Energy Star rating, ConnectShare Movie feature, and 5.1 surround sound make it a better option when push comes to shove, especially when Panasonic only has an Electronic Touch Pen as their additional selling point.

Both of these TV sets are going to cost you a pretty penny, regardless of whether they’re on discount. You’ll currently find the Panasonic Smart TV for $2699.98, while the Samsung is just a little more kind on your heart with a price of $2499.99.

Sound Quality
Plasma TVs usually outclass LEDs in this category, and so it continues with this comparison. Pitting TV against TV, the Samsung couldn’t match the depth or richness of the Panasonic TV.

That’s the trade-off you have to expect with an LED TV, though. You’re going to have a sleeker, sexier design, but sound will definitely stumble. On the other hand, a larger TV set hardly seems unforgivable when it comes to superior sound quality.

Picture Quality
This is much closer than I’m comfortable with, but the Samsung and Panasonic TVs nearly mirror each other in their image quality. The Samsung has a slight advantage in its blacks, with precision black local and micro dimming. But the Panasonic has the edge in brightness and color. In the end, I have to give it to the Plasma TV, though. Overall, the picture just pops off the screen more, and the Panasonic makes the best use of 3D when compared to any other model on the market.

Which Is Best?
Plasmas beat LEDs in my book, but Samsung is probably the closest model to it, in my estimation. Panasonic’s model may be more expensive and come with fewer features, but where it counts most—i.e. picture and sound quality—it soars.


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