Samsung VS Vizio LED Smart TV

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3D LED Smart TVs are as awesome as they are a mouthful. So many television technologies packed into one device, it’s amazing how far we’ve come as a society.

In an attempt not to get all philosophical in the next few minutes, let’s do a quick comparison between two 55” 3D LED Smart TVs by Samsung and Vizio. Yeah, that’ll definitely do the trick.

Being LED TVs, both the Samsung and the Vizio are striking in their appearance, razor thin but immense in width, they’re a phenomenon to any first-time viewer.  Additionally, they each feature stands coated in futuristic chrome.

It’s a tie, ladies and gentlemen.

Both televisions have Smart TV and 3D capabilities, but there are a bunch of features that might entice you into purchasing the Samsung LED TV, like:

  • S-Recommendation, which makes suggestions based on your viewing history
  • Voice command and gesture navigation
  • 5.1 surround sound
  • Micro/precision local black dimming
  • ConnectShare Movie, which allows for USB drives to display media on your television.
  • Energy Star qualified status

The Vizio Smart TV is a disappointment to the feature-phile, lacking camera for any kind of special navigation. Nevertheless, it does allow users to experience apps, like Netflix, in full-screen mode.

After Vizio’s letdown in the features department, this category makes the discrepancy all the more apparent. At the time of writing, the Vizio LED TV (M551D-A2R) only costs you $1049.99.

You might be like, “Man, that’s still a lot of money,” but compared to the $2499.99 price tag on the F8000 series Samsung Smart TV, it’s chump change.

Sound Quality
As nice as they tend to look, LED TVs can never hold up the sound-end of the bargain. One such example is the Samsung, which doesn’t offer the full, powerful, crisp sound characteristic of Plasma TVs.

For a cheaper price, you’d think the Vizio television would be just as bad, if not worse. I was right there with you. But we’re wrong. While the Vizio’s bass underwhelms, the treble is quite good on the TV set, especially while listening to live music. Depth was especially enjoyable, as you could easily differentiate between the prominence of instruments and voices like you may not be able to on other LEDs.

Picture Quality
The Vizio doesn’t impress in its video quality, a cardinal sin in the world of television reviews. Its colors are unnaturally bright and washed out, and colors become injected with unusual warmth.

The Samsung, for its higher price, does have some high-quality color. The depths of its blacks are especially notable, making this the better picture of the two.

Which Is Best?
The Samsung television earns its high price with a great picture, a great many features, and some stunning aesthetics. The Vizio also plays to its price, but to its detriment.

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